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  1. All Slam Specialties product are backed and warranted for 1 year against manufacture defects.
    1. Air Springs: All air springs are factory pressure tested in excess of their maximum rated operating pressure. A visual inspection is completed on all air springs prior to shipment.
    2. Valve Manifold: All Manifold valves are factory tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. A final visual, function, and leak down test are completed prior to shipments.
    3. MC Manual Controllers: All MC manual controllers are programmed and tested in house. Prior to shipment, final function tests are completed as a pair on the Slam Specialties handheld controllers and receivers.
  1. Defects covered under warranty include and are limited specifically to:
    1. Air Springs: Air leaks in the rubber, air leaks occurring between the inner and outer plates and blistering of the outer rubber layer.
    2. Valve Manifolds: Air leaks coming from the manifold block, functionality of the coil packs, operators sticking open or closed.
    3. MC Manual Controllers: Operation failure of the handheld controller, or receiver unit.
  1. All Slam Specialties product warranty returns must include an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number, which may be obtained from Slam Specialties. Returned product must include cause or condition of the defect, time in service and identification for customer replacement. If multiple products are returned to the factory within a single RGA number each product must be individually identified. RGA products must have RGA number clearly stated on the outside of the box or they will be refused. All shipping charges of returned goods are the responsibility of the customer and will not be reimbursed. Slam Specialties does not warranty labor cost or fees associated with warranty claims.
  1. Conditions not covered under warranty include, but are not limited to:
    1. Air Springs: Bursting, leaking due to chafing of the rubber layers, stripped mounting threads, stripped air port threads, leaking due to over-extending or excessive mounting angle, damages to outer plate if mounted without sufficient support bracket/plate. If subjecting springs to extreme pressures, limiting equipment must be installed (i.e.: shocks, straps, chains etc.) to prevent the springs from over-extending.
    2. Valve Manifolds: Damage to fitting done by improper use to PTC fittings due to use of hard lines, leaking due to debris in valve manifold from contaminated air system, leaks due to extreme air pressure to manifold, damages done to valve due to improper installation due to not following supplied installation instructions.
    3. MC Manual Controllers: MC.1 handheld and receiver, and MC.2 handheld water or moisture damage, handheld cable damage. Shorting of receiver due to improper or failure to use installation instructions damages done to buttons by excessive pressure presses.
  1. All Slam Specialties air springs are supplied with an internal bump stop. This has been designed into the air spring to protect the rubber layers when fully compressed. If a vehicle is using the internal bump stop on the air spring as the primary bump stop all defects arising from this type of installation will not be covered under warranty.
  1. Although all Slam Specialties air springs are designed to withstand pressures in excess of their pressure ratings, proper precautions and design must be implemented in order to achieve the maximum performance the air spring has to offer. In the event an air spring fails under pressure and is not installed properly, the warranty will be void. See point #4 in Warranty for more information.
  1. It is the responsibility of the dealer to determine if the product was installed properly and that the installer adhered to the installation guidelines as set forth by Slam Specialties.
  1. All Slam Specialties products are shipped with installation instruction outlining proper installation methods. Slam Specialties will not warranty any product in which the installer did not comply with the installation instructions.
  1. Dealers are required to service warranty issues on products sold through the dealer including wholesale accounts.


New Returns Non Warranty

  1. Slam Specialties offers a 30-day return policy on all product
  2. New returns and re-box items are subject to 15% restocking fee.
  3. Returns must be authorized by Slam Specialties
  4. Returns must be in their original condition, including all components, and cannot be disassembled, mounted or damaged.
  5. Returns that have been installed, missing components, or damaged, will NOT be credited.
  6. Stock adjustments are on products currently listed on the Dealer/Jobber program and require a 2 for 1 offsetting order.
  7. 1 stock adjustment allowed per calendar year period.